I will help you build an attraction marketing formula that works with as much automation as possible. Just sit back and make money.

Coaching & Consulting Service

I will personally help you achieve your dreams and goals. Consistent and on track. I will be your cheering section, encouraging you as you grow your business.

Brand Development

A brand is the reward for the hard work of building real, passionate relationships with your audience. I will help you create an Identity that will drive your network

Tools & Resources

I provide all necessary tools and materials you would need to drive your business or MLM networks, keep you to date with the latest paying platform and how you can quickly start making money



  • 2017
  • 2014
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  • 2010 - 2013

    I have done so well that I have created a platform to help all my downline grow fast, and benefit from all my experience and efforts


    I joined my first network, Putting all my experience of marketing has help me grow very fast in this area. I was able to build a network of over 12,000+ downlines


    Within a span of 2 months, I helped a small IT company grow their revenue from 200,000 to 1.8 million. I also helped increase their Client base


    I moved on to the corporate world by marketing Insurance products. This was really interesting and challenging, but I was able to exceed my target everyting.


    Sarah Timpsy was my first business, I was into clothing and fashion, I made cool money because of my passion for marketing the products I had. That was how it began - I discovered I was a great marketer



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Our full understanding of direct sales terminology, operations, and business practices and a network of industry resources developed over many years is of great value to your business. What type of company is yours?

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Network Marketing Trainer, Speaker

Aderonke is a take charge, get it done entrepreneur. If you want to make big things happen in your life, you’d be wise to follow her lead and learn everything you can from her


Enterpreneur , minning of coal and Network Marketing pro

In the words of my Ericc Worre, "As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do." This is why I am a huge fan of Aderonke Olu-Abikoye. She is diligent, processed driven and system focused. Her success is not random and is actually quite predictable based upon her commitment to methodically executing her proven strategies. If you want to learn how to truly create true prosperity in the areas of Beauty business you need to learn from Aderonke Olu-Abikoye and you need to check out her incredible online training program.

kunle Adegbie

Network Marketing Millionaire, Investor most importantly Pastor

Aderonke exploded on to the network marketing scene just a few short years ago and has attracted much attention with her raw and uncensored style of communication. Aderonke is breaking growth records inside her company and in the profession as a whole. She lives her life publicly and her stories will inspire you to reach for your greatness. Most of all, Aderonke will help you to rapidly transform your thinking and create real results. She isn’t just talking the talk. Aderonke is making things happen. She is one worth listening to

DC, Dele Segun Aroyewon

Banker at a reputable Bank, Network Marketing Achiever and Millionaire

Aderonke Olu-Abikoye is a force of nature, a social media maven and a network marketing rock star. I can say with surety that she is the only person I know who has built a million Naira a year income in less than four years in a credible long term company with real and valuable products.